Student Projects

Welcome to the depot of short critical essays, literature projects, class notes, and more authored and contributed by students.  To contribute, contact me

Literary Theory Course Overview (an introductory video (by Estabraq Alwazzan)

Classical Theories Poster (Ahmed Aljibori, Spring 2020)

Literary Theory: Question Bank Key (Ola Ayad, Fall 2019)

Formalism and Structuralism (Hadiah Al Bitar, Fall 2019)

Feminist Criticism  (Nihal Topcu, Fall 2019)

The Archetypal Theory(Rasha Al Shammaa, Fall 2019)

Literary Theory: Questions and Answers (Husamulddin Azeez, Fall 2019)

Literary Criticism: Class Notes  (Nazlı Yıldız, Spring 2019)





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