All About Proposals

What is a Thesis / Dissertation Proposal?

A thesis / dissertation proposal is a document that students write and submit to the university to show what research they are planning to conduct for their theses or dissertations.

What should you write in your proposal?

Your proposal should contain the following information:

  • The title of your thesis or dissertation
  • The keywords associated with your research topic
  • The subject of your research
  • The objectives of your research
  • The significance of your study
  • The literary texts you are planning to analyze
  • What theory or theories you are planning to apply
  • The limitations of your study
  • The research problem you are planning to solve
  • A brief literature review
  • What contributions your research is intended to make
  • How original your research is
  • What references you are planning to rely on (list at least 15 references)

Is there a form  you have to submit for your proposal?

Yes, there is.  If you are a Master student, CLICK HERE to download the THESIS INFORMATION FORM.  If you are a PhD student, CLICK HERE to download the DISSERTATION PROPOSAL DEFENSE INFORMATION FORM.  To know how to fill out these forms, CLICK HERE.

What is a proposal defense?

A proposal defense is a meeting held by jury members after reading a student’s proposal to ask the student questions about his / her proposal and to decide whether the proposal is accepted or rejected.

Post-Defense Procedures

If the proposal is accepted, the student should start working on his / her research.  After completing the first chapter of your research paper, you should sit for your first TİK.  To know more about TİKs, CLICK HERE.  In case the proposal is rejected, the student is given a deadline to submit another proposal.

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